Top Popular movie-themed wit slots game


Slot games have currently become trendy in the online gambling world. It shows that most players are overwhelmed with traditional slot themes. So, gambling app developers have discovered that popular brands can make a great substitute. The slotxo game is also featured in most famous branded games, depending on the extended range of both old and new films. Here are top popular movie-themed with slot game:

Dark Knight

Dark Knight is one of the trendiest movies that were released back in 2012. It was themed with slot game so that it can hit the online casino industry and many players widely received it. The timing release of slot game was perfect because it corresponded with the version of Dark knight.

Dark Knight Film release received massive promotions from slot game companies since it also featured famous characters like the Joker, Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent. Also, the graphics were taken from the movie, which made slot game even more realistic look.

The Lord of the Ring Film

The-Lord-of-the-ring is another popular film that also branded slot game with Microgaming. However, due to legal dispute between Warner-Bros-Studios and Tolkien Estate forced the slot game removed from the casino market.  Its moments in the online betting world were very famous since cinematic graphics and Moolah jackpot supported it.

The Lord of the ring was also a massive hit among many slot fans and players of the fancy series. Another different version also existed on the land-based casino. This version was developed by WWS gaming, which was also known as a progressive jackpot. Lately, it received an award of generosity jackpot worth over $7 million.


Al Pacino

Net Entertainment also took a massive trend of creating movie-themed online slot. Scarface was one of the Net Entertainment Company, which was founded on Al Pacino, which was a classic gangster film. The game featured most exciting bonus sequence that imitates the ultimate shootout of the movie.

The players assume the character of Tony Montana while they were shooting down their enemies and getting cash prizes. It is still among the interactive reward game in the market, and that’s why Scarface from Net Entertainment Company became one of the most successful slot games.


Almost every casino developer has come up with movie-themed slots, even joker slot 888 once created a science fiction movie to hit actions film, movie-based slot eras and full range genres. Find more movie-themed to play with at joker slot game official site.

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