Rules of the game: The course of a poker game

Casino Table Games

Poker is a popular card game these days and you can use different strategies. The so-called “poker face” is also important – under no circumstances should you give yourself away with a careless facial expression. Here is how a poker game works.

Minimum bet

First of all, all players agree on a 제주홀덤. Then the minimum stakes are set. Those who cannot afford the minimum stake are also not allowed to play. In recreational poker, the stakes are usually not particularly high, as the card game should also be fun.

In international tournaments and championships, however, the minimum stakes are very high. Each player posts blinds in order to have a certain position with the dealer. In addition to blinds, there are also antes that all players use. In this way, the course of the game can be made easier.

Course of the game

After each player has placed their minimum bet, everyone receives cards from the dealer. Then the game begins. Each player can bet

  • raise
  • get out (fold) or also

If no other player has bet in the same game round, you can also check. Each player has to call if they want to stay in the hand. Calling means the following: The player must bet the same as the previous player.

Basic Poker Strategies

As soon as every player has bet, the game continues. In principle, every player has to raise, call or check in every round. If the risk is too great, the player can fold.

At the end all players show their cards, the highest hand wins. If only one player remains – because everyone else has dropped out – he gets the pot. A bluff is when the remaining player has bad cards.


Revealing the cards of all cards at the end is called a showdown. For a showdown to happen a player must be willing to pay all of this into a competitor. If no one is ready, there will be an automatic showdown after the last round. In poker, improbable card combinations are particularly valuable. If two players have the same combination, the additional card decides who ultimately wins. It is also possible that two players have the same five cards, in which case the pot is split.In the past, you could only play poker in gaming rooms, casinos or at home. Nowadays it is possible to play online poker on the internet. It has many advantages over the other variants. Online poker is one of the most popular online games and is used by more and more people.

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