Dragon tiger a version of baccarat

Dragon tiger is simple game of gambling and game of betting. It is same as the game of baccarat. The gclub dragon tiger game is two card version in which two or more specific number of cards are drawn and the players will be on one which will be on higher side. The gclub dragon tiger has always some bets which are in propositions which are placed on individual cards.

Dragon tiger game:

The gclub dragon tiger game has bets in which if placed or chosen on the hands which are with higher cards the ties in the game always loses half of it.

The Gclub dragon tiger has also suited ties where the cards are in the equal ranks and suits in which the winner will be played in the ratio of fifty is to one ratio.

The player has a choice of betting which is particular to a card which will be under seven or over it if the better chooses directly seven the better will loose the bet some winners pay even money.

The gclub dragon tiger has odd and even bets which are mathematically small or big in numbers in which it is considered to be the aces will be a loss for the both bets and the ranks which are in others will be divided in six even and six odds equally. The tables in game varies and not all the table will offer odd and even number during the game play.

In the suit option the player may bet on a specific card which gives a win of three to one ratio if the player chooses the card properly and unexpectedly chooses seven the wages lose the game automatically in gclub dragon tiger game.

The tie in the game is always in the losing half of the amount regardless of the colors of the card chosen by the better in the gclub dragon tiger game. The math in two red and two blacks will always be the same.

The half loss indicates regardless of the card chosen and color chosen this will be like one red and one black ratio in the gclub dragon tiger game.


The gclub dragon tiger is a game which offers lowest edges of houses for the non-counter players always remember that in this game the odds are always better than even which is same in the baccarat game. This will help the counter no trouble with big, small, suits as they are easily countable.

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