Stop Losing at Slots – Lucrative Slots Sessions With Smart Betting Techniques

Stop Losing

Like the way the slick movie producers use timing to manipulate an audience into rooting for the good guys, so can you use smart betting techniques at slots to persuade the machine to award more wins?

Whether you want to predict that red character on Wild Goofies will turn into a car or build up a win streak that leaves you a few grand richer, it’s all about practising the same psychological rules situs judi togel online that are applied in the movies. One of the best books ever written on how movies work, is “The Art of the Steal” by Robert K. Elder. The author shows how clever producers are at manipulating audiences and tells them exactly what to think and how to react.

Popular Gamble

Interestingly, many of the principles he shares on how to win slots are mirrored in how you can beat the slots games – not just at slots, but at a range of other online or real-life casinos too. Even though the slots games and those for other casino games will have a different rules set to offer a different experience, and it’s much more complicated than in the movies, if you use the same techniques, you will find a way to win more than you lose.

Therefore it’s time to start thinking like a savvy studio executive. As such, we should understand that, before we can ever bet on an outcome or any probability that makes it to our screens in the form of a movie, we must first ensure we are playing our part of the game to perfection.

What the Movie Studio wants

The studio wants its movie to be your favourite. It wants you to learn the title plot and the characters. It wants you to like the characters, situs judi togel online and it wants you to root for the good guys.

For the slot to do this, it must be designed so that when the machine spins, it consistently offers you a return. It must consistently offer the player on which side to root, and it needs to offer that every time so that the player invests with confidence, playing with the knowledge that it will provide on every spin.

For this to happen, the slot needs to feel just like a movie. You want to know the title of the movie, and the name of the characters. You are easily able to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys, even if you don’t know anything about the plot.

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